About Us

Our Philosophy

At Woodroffe Child Care Centre, we believe that:

  • All children have the right to experience quality child care
  • Each child is an individual, with unique abilities and interests
  • All children should be treated equally, and each child’s social and cultural background will be acknowledged and respected
  • Children learn through their play, interests and positive interactions with others
  • All children should have a sense of identity and belonging.

At Woodroffe Child Care Centre, we encourage:

  • A strong partnership with families and the wider community to ensure the best outcomes for children.
  • Open communication and trust between educators to create a peaceful environment and ideal role modelling for the children

At Woodroffe Child Care Centre, we aim to:

  • Create and maintain safe and healthy environments, spaces and places, which enhance children’s learning, development, engagement, initiative, self-worth, dignity and show respect for their contributions.

National Quality Framework (NQF) Rating:

At Woodroffe Child Care Centre, we provide every child with the best possible care, stimulation, development and education in line with the National Quality Standards (NQS) and implementing the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our service has undergone two NQS Assessment & Ratings, most recently in 2019, and achieved an “Exceeding” rating each time.

An “Exceeding” rating means the services Woodroffe Child Care Centre provides is above the minimum standards required by the NQS.